Further information, License ordering, Certificate, Fees and more (2002)

Further information

This homepage can only provide a small view into our HD- System.

If you are interested in our designs you should order our 80- page catalogue.

Although the text in this catalogue is in German only, it provides a lot of additional photos and scaled drawings necessary for further decisions as well as an English summary, amounts of required materials, list of drawings, tables with costs and hull offers etc.

To order this INFO- CATALOGUE please send a letter with EUR 10,- (EUR 5,- inside of Germany) to:

Reinke Type- Yacht- Design

Rekumer Str. 178

D- 28777 Bremen


If any questions should arise which are not covered in our INFO- CATALOGUE and/or this homepage you can contact us by phone on Monday and Wednesday between 06.00 pm and 09.00 pm under +49 (0) 421 655 665 or by Email under peter.reinke@t-online.de.

There we can also give you contact addresses of self builders whom you may visit after private agreement to have a look on their boat and get invaluable insider information.

Also a visit of the professional craftsmen recommended by us for metal and interior work can provide good assistance for your own decision, as well as join sailing at one of our self builders offering such possibilities.

License ordering

If you have decided to order our building license and construction plans, please fill- in our “HD- System order Form" with “General Terms and Conditions” which is contained in the INFO- CATALOGUE (or here as pdf- file for download(950 kb)) und send it to us with your signature. Parallel please transfer the license fee to our bank account (shown on order form).

Orders are only possible with this order form!

After receipt of payment we will accept your order and will send you following documents:


- 1 set of construction plans

- 1 HD- System book „Reinke Alternativer Yachtbau 2“ (German language only)

- 1 HD- identity card, valid for 6 years, as permission for use of our service and assistance by telephone, E-mail and Internet, ordering of hull and/or interior work from our recommended craftsmen and purchase at partly considerably reduced prices at our system suppliers.

For inquiries our orders to our suppliers send them a copy of your VALID HD- identity card as proof for the licence given to you and the right to purchase at reduced prices.

- Further documents like former circular letters, addresses of system suppliers and other self builders near to you for mutual assistance and exchange of experiences

- Password for access to >Service<- area of our homepage for 6 years with actual information and addresses of HD- suppliers, tips, access to Pinboard for exchange of experiences, tools, material, possibilities of joining sailing on finished boats and more


The HD- SYSTEM SELF- BUILT- TYPE- YACHT- CERTIFICATE- FORM is already an integrated part of the HD- SYSTEM LICENSE and is send out together with the construction plans. AFTER finishing the yacht it becomes valid by completion of all necessary data and information and signature by the SELF BUILDER.

It is in your own interest to fill in this form with utmost care, especially all deviations from construction plans.

This enables f.e. authorities or a later buyer of the boat a quick judgement of your yacht (please consider that wrong statements in the form could result f.e. in compensation requirements from a buyer).

A transfer of this HD- SYSTEM LICENSE/ SELF- BUILT- TYPE- YACHT- CERTIFICATE is only possible with our agreement: and must be confirmed by us with stamp and signature. For such purpose send us the HD- SYSTEM LICENSE/ SELF- BUILT- TYPE- YACHT- CERTIFICATE, amended with address of buyer and boat condition at transfer. Further attach the old HD- identity card, a completed HD- order form and a transfer fee of 20% of the actual license fee. The new owner will then receive a new HD- identity card, valid for the remaining validity of the former owner. If already expired, send a transfer fee of 30% of the actual license fee for a full 4- years extension period

Sail number (Serial number for motor yachts): Short before finishing your yacht you should send us a copy of your completed and signed HD- SYSTEM SELF- BUILT- TYPE- YACHT- CERTIFICATE. We will then inform you about your Sail number. At this opportunity ( but not only then)we would be glad to receive some nice photos from your yacht, tips, experiences, offers to take along other interested people for sailing etc. which we could publish then.


- License fee for license, construction plans and HD- identity card, valid for 6 years: refer to cost table (LINK)

- HD- identity card: extension of validity for 4 more years: 20 % of the actual license fee

- License transfer with new HD- identity card, valid for the remaining validity of the former owner: 20 % of the actual license fee

- License transfer with new HD- identity card, valid for a full 4- years extension period: 30 % of the actual license fee (when the old HD- identity card has already expired)

- Reduction for self- building communities or self builders which have already built a REINKE- yacht (copy of old license to be attached): 20%

- Fee for issue of sail number when the HD- identity card has already expired (in other cases part of our service): 50,-€

NOTE: Please note that the above procedure is partly in contradiction to the General German explanations of the HD- System in our INFO- catalogue or maybe other elder publications. In case of Contradictions to above procedure this the only valid one!