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Safety First
Safety against capsizing
Extraordinairy strong aluminium construction
Compl. Aluminum hulls
Double hard chine advantages
Faster with more payload
ASY Twin keels
Deck- salon-concept
good value type yacht design
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Yacht- building acc. to the HD- System for demanding self- builders and craftsman. Our alternative yacht- building system is based on over 30 years professional of yacht- building practice with the latest findings and experiences with the well-known self building system HOBBY- DESIGN


That begins with the design of our world-wide well- tried double- hard-chine yachts, which originate from the comparison of over 200 towing tank tests and then were optimized in practice for performance and sea-behavior. This continues with the professional dimensioning of structures for extremely high stresses and life span and ends with a highly developed simplification of operation for the small crew even at large long-time yachts

  • high safety by super- strong building method and safety against capsizing for high sea or ocean category!
  • Much more comfort and value for the money by rational building and cost- effective purchase!
  • Large stable value by Self Building- Type Yacht Certificate

  • e.g. whaledeck with much space and high degree of safety against capsizing
  • ASY- Twin keels with high efficiency and functionality
  • Semi Cutter Rigg with large lift of sail at reduced heeling
  • Rifter and cockpit- reefable boom jib for simplified handling
  • Deck salon concept against living in the cellar.

short information to the individual items of our systems finds in the following. Complete information only in our Info- Plans.

Our slogan: SAFETY FIRST
we work for the realistic long-time Yachtsmen, who will enjoy independence on sea during longer periods with smallest crew (mostly man with woman) according to the slogan: THE SMALLER THE CREW, THE SAFER THE SHIP. Solid dimensioning, long life- span and good sail performances were already acknowledged to our ships in the test of german magazine YACHT, issue 4/97, representatively for our entire program.

Safety against Capsizing
Also the stability of the HD type yachts is unusually high (see also stability calculation in the book YACHTBAU; Chapt.. S.2.4.6). Within this important area no compromises are accepted.

Super- strong aluminum construction
is the safe base for our unrestricted ocean- going type yachts of 10 to 20 m. All our type yachts starting from 10 m are special double- hard- chine designsbuilt on web frames with intermediate frames. In certain locally particularly stressed areas, they are even much more reinforced, than required by the Germanischer Lloyd for its highest yacht classification "100 A4 Sailingyacht" 1992! This ensures very high safety reserves for example in the exposed areas, which might be preferably hit by the unfortunately ever more increasing driftage.

Aluminum hulls are the future!
Fact is that for building of aluminum yachts only very few principles of the material combinations are to be observed to make sea water-resistant aluminum intended to one of the most corrosion resistant yacht- building material at all. The building of aluminum hulls according to the correct method reduces the work clearly compared to the professional steel construction and reduces the risk of dent considerably by thicker material! Even the unfortunately higher material costs for aluminum are compensated partly directly afterwards by deleting a lot of conservation work. The remaining small extra costs for the more expensive aluminum is fully justified by corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance ease and above all substantially higher resale value. Therefore HD- hulls are only built in exceptional cases from steel

Semi Cutter- simplified handling for small crew on large cruise
derived from the normal Cutter rigg (2 fore sails used at the same time, which must be trimmed with much fine feeling in such a way to obtain an optimal nozzle effect), the SEMI CUTTER RIGG has also 2 forestays, however is sailed as SLUP:

ONLY THREE STANDARD SAILS, WHICH HAVE NOT TO BE BENT AND UNBENT, are enough even for long-time- yachtsmen-


more information...

Double hard chine advantages
Double hard chine hulls are simple to build, since no shell plate deformation is necessary. That is obvious. However it is not well- known that double hard-chine hulls have also advantages in sail performance and sea-characteristics: Correctly designed double hard chine hulls hardly increase the resistance in practice, - they offer however a considerable lateral lift effect, which works against the leeway!

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Faster with more payload
The stretched displacement distribution prevents that the stern of our long- time yachts with higher payload for holiday or long- time- cruising suck to the water like on modern Cruiser Racers with flat planning stern, which already from this point of view are not suitable for long time cruising.

The wide, usually negative transom of such yachts can lead breaking waves like a ramp into the cockpit when running under bare pools, whereby the yacht might broach and even capsize.

Our moderately wide sterns with usually positive transom and high reserve buoyancy provide less resistanceto the sea and avoid this dangerous tendency.

Our yachts for the great coasting sailing like the OMEGA, 10M, 11MS und EURO are designed for fewer additional load and have therefore different stern types. Nevertheless they can usually take more payload than other serial boats of same size.

Enormous advantages: ASY- Twin keels
Small draft is the dream of almost each cruising yachtsman on coastal or long-time cruising. Sailing in shallow waters and anchoring near the beach in flat bays is the main goal for this. Due to many practical advantages our ASY- Twin- keels are now fitted almost to all HD- new buildings and became one of our characteristics.

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Deck salon- concept
Living in the cellar is "out". With us the deck salon is already proven standard for decades. You do not only participate in harbour life all around, but also on long cruises you are always informed about the situation outside- for security especially of small crews!

Together with the remote control of the Auto- pilot nearly a second interior steering console exists without many costs.

No wonder that this outstanding concept is ever more copied by serial boatbuilders –however unfortunately often according to the slogan: "the larger- the better" a large “greenhouse” is installed which prevents full forward view and which is extremely endangered by sea wash due to too large window areas.

CE- marking
The CE- pleasure boat Directive was introduced by the EEC in order to enable the free trade of pleasure boats in whole Europe by a uniform minimum standard without restrictive national regulations, which should protect usually only the national manufacturers against foreign competition.

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Good value Type yacht design
Only by perfected type yacht design it is possible to offer detailed construction plans, optimised for self- building for a sensational low price: The royalty amounts to only approx.. 0,8% of the building value of the yacht during while for single designs between 8 and 19% are to be paid to the designer. However these designers usually do not offer our following services:

Professional assistance for hull, interior work and installations
Far over half of our licensees now use the assistance of professional craftsmen recommended by us for the building of hulls. With only little more costs one the target is reached much faster..

A number of well- proven small companies small companies without large overhead costs execute execellent aluminium work at favourable prices.

Increasingly also interior works and installations are executed by HD- recommended companies. So even without own craft work it is possible to get an own yacht at reduced costs by saving the overhead costs of established boatyards.

Cost- savings at suppliers with HD- identity card
A large number of well-known yacht- suppliers with good consultation service are united also in our system.

By showing our HD- identity card to this suppliers often a multiple of the royalty can be saved in relation to the list prices.

(persons which might still consider to built our design without our license and HD- identity card under this conditions are not only acting illegal but are simply stupid).

A constantly updated list of these suppliers with addresses and links for our licensees is in the service section service section of these homepage.

Included are riggers, sailmakers, equipment and electrical suppliers, yacht transport companies, insurers as well as suppliers for engines, propellers, paints, wood, aluminum, lead, welding machines etc.....

Increase in value by certificate
After completion of your ship the HD- SYSTEM SELF- BUILT- TYPE- YACHT -CERTIFICATE is issued.

This confirms (if our plans were observed) that your ship is a "HD- System Type Yacht" which has become a quality term in the course of the years, being well worth-increasing.

Additionally this certificate confirms that your yacht is a self- built one, which need not to comply with the EC- pleasure boat directive (except that the yacht been FULLY BUILT be someone else) and is therefore an important document for presentation at different authorities.

Our construction drawings (which are all in English and German language) are supported by a number of own specialist books (in German language only) with detailed tips and building explanations

more information...

Building neighbours
With licensing you receive the addresses of your building neighbours for exchange of experiences, set up of building communities, common machine use or purchase of used tools, construction foundations etc..

Also as a prospective customer you can receive the addresses of future building neighbours- because in iour System you should know in ADVANCE what to expect.

Use for this our

Regular Telephone- Hotline
Here you can place also questions, which should be still open after the reading of our info- plans or if you need advice to decide for a certain type.

Also during the building phase we are glad to help you here at any questions. Or you use our

Internet- Service
In the password-protected service section of our homepage you will find actual addresses of our system suppliers (also these will answer your questions in their specialist field) and other important addresses, actual information, our annual circulars and, last but not least, a

to Pinboard
there is an exchange of experience between our self builders, tools and equipment offer or search and the possibility to offer used or partly-finished REINKE- yachts and possibilities for charter or joining a trip on REINKE yachts which is accessible for ALL homepage visitors.

Over us
Kurt Reinke became well- known for his constructions for self builders as well as author of the well-known book >YACHTBAU< (BUILDING OF YACHTS), which just appeared in the 5th revised edition.

Kurt Reinke served his apprenticeship with the well-known yacht-yard Abeking & Rasmussen leisure and was later the technical manager of small type yacht projects and large luxury yachts.

Start of the seventies it was appointed into the design office of Britton Chance jr./ USA and was there responsible for towing tank tests for the development of optimal lines of 12M America ' s Cup yachts. These experiences were later used for the design of his type yachts.

This was in 1971 the start of his Self- Building- System >HOBBY DESIGN<, later briefly called >HD- System<.

From smaller yachts around 7 to 9m like plywoodhard chine boats, wooden round- framed boats and steel yachts his type yacht pallet developed in 30 years up to a size of 20m length, mainly in aluminum.

After the sudden death of Kurt Reinke in February 2000 his son Peter Reinke continues with the HD-System together with his wife Marion.

Peter Reinke is involved for over25 years in the boat building business and is working as a naval architect on a successful yard for authority ships and life boats and knows therefore many problems of the boat building from own experience. His wife Marion contributes her experience as architect into inner design, insulation etc. Both are enthusiastic yachtsmen, learned sailing on the Reinke sail dinghy MINI SUPER, started cruise sailing on the Reinke OMEGA and have also made their experiences with yacht racing. Meanwhile both have over 40.000 sm of cruise experience.