Plans, Licenses and Certificates

A license entitles the owner to build or have built a yacht according to Reinke Yacht's construction plans. Together with the license you will receive the Typyacht certificate. The signed certificate serves as a proof of authenticity. With his signature the builder of the yacht assures that he has followed the official construction plans. All changes to the yacht must be noted on the Typyacht certificate. 

A Typyacht certificate issued to the owner can also be considered as proof of ownership.* We therefore strongly recommend that when buying a used Reinke Typyacht, you check the certificate and have it handed over with the yacht. 

With a Typyacht certificate issued in your name, you also identify yourself as a customer of Reinke-Yacht. This allows you, among other things, exclusive access to construction details as well as the subsequent purchase of individual drawings or complete drawing packages.**

* A Typyacht certificate issued by Reinke Yacht does not replace the proof of ownership required by some countries.

** The re-purchase of construction drawings does not entitle the owner to build a yacht but serves only as information for repair or conversion purposes. 

With a building license one acquires the right to build or have built a Reinke Typyacht. In addition to a Typyacht certificate of the yacht, there are the construction documents as well as the assignment of a sail number.

A Typyacht certificate is tied to a boat and is valid for the lifetime of the boat. Even if the certificate is not transcribed to the new owner, it still serves as proof of a legally built Reinke Typyacht.

However, for some services we require a certificate issued to your name as proof that you are the current boat owner. This makes you a Reinke customer and entitles you, among other things, to reorder construction documents. Also technical questions can be answered for a small fee of 15,-€ per question (for more extensive questions according to effort). Non-system customers pay the double amount.

Für die Umschreibung eines Zertifikates verlangen wir eine einmalige Arbeitspauschale von 150,- €

Without the Typyacht certificate you have no proof that it is a legal Reinke Typyacht according to the construction documents. Therefore, when buying a used boat, make sure that the certificate is passed on to you.

If you cannot find the original document, but can provide us with clear proof of a license/Typyacht certificate issued to you, we will issue a new certificate for €50. If the proof applies to the previous owner, there is an additional cost of 150,- € for the transcription.

If the certificate or the evidence on it can no longer be found despite all due care, you have the option of having us search for evidence in our archive. For the archive search we charge 100,-€ (plus fees for reissue & possible transcription of the certificate). 

If no evidence of a previous license can be found even after careful research, the full price for a new license must be paid.

Especially with older yachts, it often happens that the construction drawings were not passed on at the time of purchase. However, they are often the optimal reference point for conversions or repairs.

If you have a Typyacht certificate issued in your name, you have the option of requesting a copy of the construction documents. It does not matter whether you personally acquired the building license or the certificate has been transferred to you after the purchase of a used boat.

Prices for copies of the construction plans:

  • complete set of constuction plans: 250,- €
    • construction plans Omega: 150,- €
  • add-on plans for 13 M / 16 M: 150,- €

Individual pages can be sent on request.

** The re-purchase of construction drawings does not entitle the owner to build a yacht but serves only as information for repair or conversion purposes.

Reinke Yacht provides its customers with construction plans at a relatively low cost compared to the overall value of the yacht. In addition to the work that has gone into developing the drawings, the plans also contain Reinke Yacht's word that they provide a construction of a safe and seaworthy yacht. Those who follow the construction plans will have a reliable companion on all voyages.

Due to the character of self-building, many yachts have a very individual appearance. For this reason, it is often difficult to distinguish a Reinke Typyacht built according to the original plans from a unauthorized replica. 

Zur Identifizierung haben wir uns für den Weg des Typyacht-Zertifikats entschieden. Auf der einen Seite haben neue Eigner so einen Nachweis, dass das Boot nach nachvollziehbaren Sicherheitsrichtlinen gebaut wurde. Auf der anderen Seite benötigen wir diesen Nachweis, um eine gewisse Kontrolle über Bauinformationen zu behalten und so die Zahl von Schwarzbauten zu minimieren.

License costs for a Reinke Typacht

In general, licenses and construction drawings are available for all yachts listed below. However, for various reasons, some models are no longer recommended by our side. Therefore inform yourself previously to buying about your dream yacht or write us a massage.

model license costs
10 M
1.600,- €
11 M
1.700,- €
11 MS
1.850,- €
12 M
2.350,- €
13 M
2.600,- €
15 M
4.300,- €
16 M
5.350,- €
950,- €
1.150,- €
1.900,- €
Mini Super
550,- €
2.850,- €
Hydra duo
8.950,- €
850,- €
1.200,- €
Super 10
1.800,- €
Super 11
1.950,- €
Super Hydra
8.200,- €
Super Secura
1.750,- €
1.250,- €
Tourina 100
1.250,- €
Tourina 115/120
2.050,- €
Tourina 135
4.150,- €

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