About Reinke Yacht

For over 50 years Reinke Yacht has been known for its eye-catching lines and seaworthy yachts. Kurt Reinke, the founder of Reinke Yacht, developed the HD system around the numerous Typyachts he designed. Today, several thousand ships from our company are underway on all the world's oceans. The individual yachts enjoy great popularity - especially on long voyages and in extreme sourroundings they are considered a reliable and safe companion.

Since 2022, we are at your side as a team of three to help you realise the dream of your personalized yacht. 

The Typyacht concept

A yacht is expensive and if you want to bring in your individual ideas, this is often not possible or unaffordable. We offer you the construction plan with which you can realize your individual dream yacht.

Our designs are easy to implement, even for the experienced layman, without compromising. The eye-catching buckling frame hull offers stability on the one hand and can be manufactured without complex molding processes on the other. The lines are designed in such a way that the yacht has good seakeeping properties and can travel at solid speed even with a high deadweight. At the same time, your safety is our top priority.

a Reinke yacht during construction

You decide for yourself how much DIY you want to put into your yacht. From a 100% self-build to an individual yacht from professional hand, everything is possible. Whatever you decide, with our Typyachts we support you in your project.

The Team

Sverre Reinke

Sverre studied aerospace engineering and has been sailing since childhood. He was drawn to regatta sailing at an early age and the fever continues to this day. For a few years now, he has been sailing more and more two-handed long-distance regattas and has been putting his experience in this field to good use.

Kyra Reinke

Kyra has also been sailing longer than she can walk. After some regatta experience, however, she was more drawn to cruising on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. After spending some time exploring the world on a cruise ship, she now works at a shipyard in the lifeboat service sector.

Elmar Krüger

Elmar and Kyra met on a cruise ship. He worked on board as a senior electrical engineer. As a native of Westphalia, he discovered his love of the sea here and is now also a passionate cruising sailor. Professionally, he works in the electrical construction of ships at a shipyard.


Foundation of Reinke-Yacht UG

In the spring of 2022, Sverre, Kyra and Elmar jointly found Reinke-Yacht UG.

3rd generation takes over Reinke yacht

Sverre and Kyra Reinke, the grandsons of founder Kurt Reinke, together with Elmar Krüger, bring a breath of fresh air to the sails of Reinke Yacht. 

Peter Reinke takes over Reinke Yacht

After the sudden death of Kurt Reinke, his son Peter takes over the care of HD clients.

Genuine Reinke from certified hands

A system of certified hull manufacturers was created around the initially exclusively self-built yachts. A guarantee for high quality.

Towing tests at Britton Chance Jr.

To develop optimal hull lines, Kurt carried out towing tests in the USA with the yacht designer Britton Chance Jr. They formed the basis for later yachts such as the 15 M.

Desty was born

The Desty, a round frame boat made of wood or steel, is considered the first real yacht of HD yacht building.

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